Fire Extinguishers Devon and Cornwall

Universal Fire And Security Ltd have been involved in the provision and service of Portable Fire Extinguishers for a considerable length of time. The fire extinguisher industry has been pretty much the same since 1997 when all extinguishers were required to be red. However the industry has been changed forever with the introduction of a revolutionary new product called Firexo.


What is Firexo?

  • Firexo is the new, complete, environmentally friendly approach to extinguishing fires
  • No matter the situation, Firexo can be used to extinguish any fire in a fraction of the time compared to traditional solutions
  • Firexo means you don’t waste time checking which type of fire extinguisher to use
  • Firexo’s introduction has meant that work places with multiple fire extinguisher needs could actually save money by having a singular solution, in this amazing fire extinguisher that puts out any fire.

Firexo is the extinguisher solution that puts out all fires, fast.

Gone are the days when your business needs water, foam, CO2 and powder extinguishers. Firexo is the revolutionary one-size-fits all answer that can handle any blaze – helping you keep your business and employees safe.


Firexo is

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Reduces Contamination
  • Reduces Mess
  • A fire extinguisher that not only puts out fires but prevents reignition due to its characteristics

Every so often in business and in life you see something that makes you go ‘wow’. This is that product and we are pleased that Universal Fire And Security Ltd are the regional distributor for this product. We are confident that changing to Firexo will also reduce your costs, contact us now for more information.

Kitemarked BS EN 3.  Kitemark number: 781168.