Universal Fire & Security

Maintenance & Monitoring - Plymouth, Devon

Gates & barriersUniversal Fire & Security of Plymouth prides itself on the provision of a quality and efficient after sales service to ensure its client base throughout Devon & Cornwall are well looked after. You never know when you are going to need your fire or security system to work to detect a fire or deter a crime so regular checks and a 24 hour call out facility are a minimum to ensure your system is always ready.

We design your maintenance package around your needs and your budgets, but regardless of which level you subscribe to, we always offer the following: -

  • 24 Hour Call Out facility
  • Immediate response
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits
  • Annual Security Audit
  • Free Software Updates (where required)
  • Remote Diagnostic Facility (if system accepts function)

We can also provide a full monitoring facility through to the Alarm Monitoring Station for Digital Diallers, Dual Com, Redcare (Intruder & Fire Alarms) and Closed Circuit Television Systems. This will give you peace of mind that following an alarm activation the relevant services are going to be called to site plus your nominated keyholder.

Please look at our client’s page to see the people we deal with. We have a belief that we can enhance the services both residential and commercial users of intruder alarms, fire alarm systems, closed circuit television systems, access control systems and automatic gates and barriers, receive in Devon & Cornwall. So if you want a competitive cost for your maintenance agreements plus you want a professional approach to your needs then pick the phone up today.

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